Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Lily and the Rose

A friend of mine played a quiz on Facebook to find out what flower represented her best. She got for her answer the White Lily, the symbol of purity.
“Oh, really?” she commented. “I was hoping to get the Red Rose!”
What’s so wrong about the lily? I thought to myself, taking into mind the white-lily bouquet I held – and adored so much – during my wedding.
Why be dissatisfied with innocence and chastity when passion and flaming charm aren’t ours to keep?
Every person on Earth is unique, imperfectness is normal, and each positive trait is a gift. Nevertheless, it’s human nature to compare one’s self to others. Sometimes, jealousy opens the way for ambition, and ambition in its turn prompts people to pursue goals. And goals are the reason that turns the world and eras around.
However, success is not gained through the fulfillment of our goals. Rather, it is found in understanding that satisfaction is grasped only when we know how to make the best of our time/energy/effort not to merely reach our personal goals, but to work things out for the best benefit of others as well.
I’d love to be a lily as much as I enjoy being a rose. But the narcissus and freesia are just as beautiful, and there’s no point in feeling down when we are born to be tulips or hyacinths.
Doesn’t God rejoice over all His creations?
Let all that has breath praise the Lord!

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