Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Loyalty of Dogs

How do we respond as faced to the presence of a dog?
Many people who visit our house shiver as knocking the door and instead of saying hello to me, they would say, “Could you please lock the dogs away?”
One out of a thousand chances, I would hear a guest comments, “What nice pets you have! Here, Boy! Here, Boy!”
It is perhaps due to the fact that most of our people are Moslems, who regard dogs as unclean animals. But for me and my family, dogs are not simply house-guards and pets. They are also our friends, and probably the most loyal of all friends!
Sometimes I am amazed at the loyalty of canines. They can forget their mates, mothers, fathers, pups and friends, but they can never forget their Master/Mistress.
A long time ago when I was a little girl, a friend of my brother moved out of town and gave his dogs to us. Even when they had been living with us for years, there were times when they seemed to be reluctant to obey our commands. Nevertheless, whenever their previous owner came for a visit, they would cling to him and did everything he said. They thought they were on transit in our house, and would never stay for good!
Dogs do not take the idea of changed-ownership. They are faithful to their Master/Mistress till the last breath.
Shouldn’t we feel ashamed at the example these four-legged creatures exemplify?
Most of the time, we humans are not loyal, either to a friend or spouse.
We cheat or lie. We don’t always keep our promises. When times are good we stick around, but when things get bad we leave our friends to their calamities.
Dogs aren’t like that.
A dog doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor, a king or a beggar, a saint or a scoundrel. You’re his friend, and that’s enough for him.
If you want to learn God’s lesson on faithfulness and loyalty, look up to a dog. You’ll be amazed at how natural the value of loyalty is embedded in their character!

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