Friday, July 9, 2010

A Painting on My Bedroom's Wall

I see a river and a mill,
Standing on the foot of a hill.
I think the river holds its smile,
For no laughter's heard at the while.
Two damsels sit still in their boat,
And the boys run as if afloat.
I see a barn and a farm's yard,
Two gardens full-covered with sward,
White fences dividing the lawns,
The farmer gives a constant frown!
I see a stallion and a mare,
Two ducks, two sows, and no mad hare!

I believe I see them all talk,
In ways that doesn't move the clock.
I love the river and the mill,
Though forever they will stand still.

I love their silence even more,
And hear it rushing to the shore.

Shamantika -- June 24, 2002 (09.38 p.m.)