Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music and Wholesomeness

What can be more soul-nourishing than listening to Debussy’s CLAIRE DE LUNE with a cup of hot coffee-milk in front of you, an apple in one hand and a pen in the other, ready to pour ideas into a sheet of paper? At least, that’s what I’m doing at present.
Music is said to have influence on people’s soul and mind, and they in turn affect the wholesomeness of one’s physical aspects. Each kind of music brings about different effects, however. Studies in botany show that seeds exposed to soft, instrumental music tend to sprout and grow faster than those that are not. But seeds exposed to country music seem to show similar growth rate to those that are not given any portion of music of whatsoever. And, guess what happens when they’re exposed to rock-and-roll? They don’t grow much at all!
If that’s the case with plants, how much greater the influence music has on human beings! It doesn’t merely affect people’s mood, but health, character and social behavior as well.
In some hospitals’ maternity wards, they play soft, classical music in aiding women in labor. The effects such music brings upon laboring mothers include the diminution of pain and a more relaxed, favorable atmosphere that prove to be much help in the delivery process.
Classical, romantic and impressionist music might help accelerate post-surgery recuperation process and benefit patients with chronic illnesses. On the other hand, hip-hop, contemporary rock and rap are best to be avoided!
Like said above, every kind of music brings about different outcome. While some heal, others may degenerate health. Some music drive people to be clear-headed, but some spread the root of rebellion. It can be said that what you hear determines who you are and what you’ll become.
I, for instance, play Beethoven’s MOONLIGHT SONATA and love Ravel’s PAVANE POUR UNE INFANTE DEFUNTE. What does that make me, then?

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