Saturday, July 25, 2009

MP5/MP6 Digital Video Players from Alnect Computer

The growth of information and technology seems to move at top speed nowadays. Nearly a decade ago, people were thrilled at the rise of MP3 which enabled them to store up to hundreds of songs in a single piece of disc. It was a giant leap after years upon years having to cope with limitations of cassettes and compact discs. Then, a few years ago, we were pleased to find the upgraded version of MP3 which gave access to even greater storage: the MP4.

These days, digital technology ushers in the next generation of media players: the MP5/MP6 Digital Video Players. These gadgets allow us, users, not only to enjoy audio files, but view videos as well.

Below are two items and options from the latest trend in MP5/MP6.

Advance MP6 Video Player ME 1 (above) offers us 4 GB capacity. It’s got a wide 3.5” screen and 2.0 MP integrated camera to give us greater ease in viewing video files, taking pictures and recording. Plus, this gadget allows us to record television broadcasts via TV-In feature. This elegant and sporty MP6 Video Player comes in black semi-rubber (front) and stylish silvery metal (back) that weighs 1,000 grams with affordable price: only 875,000 IDR – best offer from Alnect Computer.

(Product code: 221844)

Alnect Webstore also provides another option in MP5/MP6 Digital Video Players with even more affordable price: Se-Yi MP5 Video Player PMP 2810 (below). With similar weight compared to Advance MP6 Video Player ME 1, this gadget provides 2 GB capacity and 3.0” screen. It is packed in glossy plastic material (front) and sleek light metal (back). The unique feature it offers is in the application: though displayed vertically, Se-Yi MP5 Video Player PMP 2810 is positioned horizontally when played. Price is set at 625,000 IDR.

(Product code: 222905)

Interesting offers, won’t you say? Visit Alnect Computer now for further details on products information and purchase!

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