Friday, June 19, 2009

Stay Healthy -- Stay Out of Faulty Diet!

When asked what my favorite food was, I used to chart “fried chicken and root-beer float at the nearest CFC restaurant” on top of the list – but that was nearly two decades ago. Today, my favorite menu is “bean-cakes with papaya blossoms and dabu-dabu, accompanied by a glass of hot lemon tea.” That’ll make a perfect meal!
Do you notice the difference between the two preferences?
There’s a big alteration on lifestyle and health between them!
Many people undergo changes in their lifestyle. When it comes to food-consumption pattern, a great deal of health issue is concerned. Some experts observe that a number of life-threatening diseases tend to climb up the list quite drastically in the past decade: coronary heart-attack, cancer of the colon and CVA (cerebral-vascular attack, a.k.a. stroke) are some that people fear the most. These days, they may attack ANYONE, nearly regardless of age. One of my ex-schoolmates died of cancer before graduating from college and my husband’s friend died of CVA at the age of 38 – to mention some among thousands of victims.
How is it so? Well, the society’s lifestyle has altered much within the past quarter of century. We are now living in an “instant” age: instant news and information, instant remedy, instant food and beverages. True, time-saving is necessary, but it is NOT necessarily so when it comes to eating and drinking habit.
Why? It is because human digestion system is not meant for instant processing! And most people are either uninformed or indifferent of it. Most of the prevailing diseases threatening mankind these days come as the result of faulty diet.
For instance:
• Most fast food restaurants serve high fat and high carbohydrates dishes. Fat, as we are aware of, is unhealthy for the body since plenty of animal toxic residue is stored in fat layers. And animal protein consumed with carbohydrates is bad for digestion, because each element takes different amount of speed to digest thoroughly (see FOOD COMBINING by Andang Gunawan). When not processed thoroughly, it produces toxic residue that ends up adhered on the walls of the colon, hence resulting in cancer of the colon in the long run.
• Too much fat in the diet increases the rate of cholesterol in blood capillaries which may block blood-flow from or to the heart (resulting in coronary heart-attack) and/or brain (resulting in CVA).
• Most instant snacks are spiced and colored with artificial flavors, artificial colorings and monosodium glutamate (MSG). What these flavorings really are is salt and toxin in relatively small amount. When taken daily (or several times a day), they will pile up in our circulatory system, resulting in headaches, gastrointestinal irritation, and diminution of IQ in children.
The issue of health is very much concerned with people’s food-consumption pattern. The healthiest pattern in to have lots of vegetables and plant protein (soy, bean-cakes, bean-curd, etc.) in our diet, fruit taken daily, a dish of animal protein once or twice a week (provided they’re not accompanied by carbohydrates) and to avoid instant food and beverages.
Why don’t you try applying this pattern for a couple of months or so? You’ll see for yourselves how much healthier your body and mind will turn out.
Good luck!

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