Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Britney and Anna

One very disturbing idea in the popular world is the way people judge a book by its cover. The world trend nowadays is to praise anything that is packed in beautifully ornamented wrappings and comes from the supreme countries: either USA or UKGB. Most people simply don’t care much about other “products” coming from other countries that come in more simplistic manners – even when the quality is far more excellent! It is true even in popular music.

Everybody has heard Britney Spears sings. How many have compared her voice to that of Anna Maria Jopek?

Britney is no match for Anna – not even by half!

Anna has this angelic voice that could capture and hypnotize her audience. She has such a perfect phrasing and timing in every single tune she sings. Her voice is remarkably amazing, a true gift from above.

What about Britney? She certainly does capture her audience’s attention – by other means, though. People who adore Britney Spears love her because the way she dances on stage, the sparkling expensive dresses and outfits, the pretty face and the gorgeous body she shows off. She is greatly admired NOT because of the quality of either her voice or the songs she sings!

This requires a little bit of thinking: a singer is naturally praised for the quality of voice she possesses. It’s her ability to sing beautifully that truly counts, in sound judgment. How can it be, then, that a great voice like Anna Maria Jopek becomes far less popular than a mere entertainer like Britney Spears – unless the world isn’t in its right mind?

Britney wins her fame because she is a beautiful American girl, brought up in American lifestyle and filled with popular American ideas. And these days, USA seems to become the standard and center of world popular culture – even when the growth of popular culture in the States tends to degrades the morality, sense of aesthetics and social values in these present days.

Anna is a Pollack, and comes from Warsaw, Poland. She wins her fame because of talent and hard work, and she is greatly cherished by her audience because of the blissful voice she possesses.

If we are sane human beings, we should be able to choose soundly between a diamond in a matchbox and a fake pearl in a huge, prettily wrapped present.

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