Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fame - and the Price We Pay for It!

Who wouldn’t want to be like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They’re famous. They’re gorgeous. They’re rich. Everybody on the planet knows them. Thanks to paparazzi, fans all over the globe always get updates on whatever Brad and Angie is doing every single day of their full life.

But on one occasion, in an Oprah show, a fan asked Brad Pitt, “What would you do if you are given one free day without paparazzi?”

Brad was simply stunned!

“Good question!” he commented – then thought awhile. “I – hmmm. I will tear down my fences. Yes. I will break down my walls, so I’ll be able to say hello to my neighbors, let my children play in their yards, and let their children play in my yard. That’s what I’ll do.”

How heartbreaking! Despite all the fame, wealth, and success, what this so-adored public figure longs for is FREEDOM. How would great popularity, money and achievements ever replace this very basic need of man? Brad and Angelina realize at the top of their career that something is missing from their life – something very precious and irreplaceable. They have lost their liberty.

How would we feel if we have all the money and fame in the world yet every single day we live in is spent like birds in gold cages? I believe superstars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would give everything away in exchange for an ordinary life – full of freedom, free of spies.

If today you can go shopping in malls without someone stalking behind you, or go to church and say your prayers without a camera flashed on your face, or take a ride with your loved ones without worrying about people gazing at you – praise God: you are not a celebrity! You are free!

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