Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Joy in Nature

I can’t help but notice the behavior of the birds perching on the wall across our bedroom window as I write this down. Decades ago, I wouldn’t realize how great the beauty I missed as I rushed to school by car every morning.
But afterward, after our car was sold and I got to walk a quarter mile every day to catch public transport, little by little the beauty of nature began to unravel before me. I had never noticed before the way birds groomed each other while perching on a fence, the way alley cats nursed their young, the way a mother hen gathered her chicks under her wings, or the way pigeons wooed their mates. I started to enjoy watching children played traditional games with wood and stones, and even found it exciting to walk home drenched in the rain because I forgot bringing an umbrella when I left for campus in the morning.
There’s so much joy and beauty in nature for listening ears and watching eyes – provided that we take time to listen and watch.
Can you hear them chirp, sing, and shout to the glory of the Creator?

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

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