Friday, February 20, 2009

Help for Children with Cleft Lips and Palate

Octavian and I visited a friend in a nearby village yesterday. He lives with his elderly mother, a sister, and a three-year-old niece – who happens to be born with cleft lips. The family is poor, and they were faced with the urge to perform surgery on the child. So all their relatives helped by donating as much money as they could in order to get the girl through surgery.
Does the above story sound familiar to you?
Do you happen to have a close relative, a neighbor or a friend whose child is suffering from similar birth defect yet hasn’t got the money to get the child through surgery?
If you do, I’ve got favorable news for you.
Tulip Indonesia Foundation, a Netherland-funded organization, helps Indonesian children who are born with cleft lips and palate by providing fund for their operation. It is strongly recommended that children born with such birth defect to be medically handled as early as possible. Now that there is a foundation which provides the funding of the medication, you really needn’t think twice.
Simply dial +6281.330.010.011 or fax to +6231.848.0308 or send an e-mail to for immediate information.
You may pass this information on to anyone you know to be looking for help. I wish you good luck!

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