Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Men Disagreed

There was this true story concerning two men who quarrelled over a certain matter. So sharp was their argument that eventually they decided to go their separate ways.
One of them complained to his pastor’s wife, and after a long, bitter explanation, he concluded, “I don’t think we’ll ever get along. I’d better be anywhere else than share the same table with that man!”
The pastor’s wife fell silent for a while, then said, “I see. But suppose at the end of time he happens to sit at the Lord’s table, where will you be?”
It’s no laughingstock. Disputes, arguments and disagreements happen everywhere around the globe – and it is normal. It’s a part of our nature to have free mind and freedom of thoughts. The point is, whatever the case may be, don’t take it to the extreme. There will be time when we realize that being overly-determined over a certain matter isn’t really worth it.

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