Friday, February 13, 2009

Talking about Divorce

For the last few years, I can’t help but notice that alongside the rate of vehicle purchase, there is one subject ever increasing in percentage: the rate of divorce.
Yes, D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
It’s been occuring over and over again all around the globe, regardless of social status, nation, tribe, race and religion (even Catholics are now permitted to divorce!). So often has it happen that divorce is no longer considered as shame. It tends to become a trend instead!
Let me give you an example:
Some time around four years ago, Octavian and I visited a well-off old friend. She, her husband and children lived in luxury – and they seemed to be happy with their family life. Eventually, after recalling many past events of youth, she came down into discussing her successful private business and the house she bought under her own name.
“Why would you do that?” we asked.
“Just in case,” she replied conversationally. “Who knows if something unexpected takes place in the future and my husband and I will have to separate? I’m simply preparing for the turn of the tide if it ever comes my way.”
We were not at all surprised when last month we heard about her upcoming divorce. She had been thinking about it for years; and by anticipating, she had actually been half-expecting it, no matter what the triggering reason was.
This is the trend!
And it tends to pass on. Why?
Because when children of divorced couples observe the way their parents fight to break their marriage instead of struggling to renew and keep it intact, they will tend to apply the similar pattern in their future life and marriage. The victims of it will multiply from hundreds to thousands to millions!
Why should we cause more casualties in this hurting world?
Why do we choose the bad over the good?
Divorce is not the only option in solving marital problems.
In case a woman has been betrayed and thus divorces her husband, then get remarried to another man; if her latter husband does her wrong after some time, will she plea for another divorce? How many divorces and marriages will she have to go through to find the perfect man to spend her entire life with? (And remember: no living person on earth is perfect!)
Why not opt for reconciliation?
Let’s take time to reconsider remorse, introspection, and resolution.
Let’s break the chain of passing down the pain (and curse) of divorce to the next generation.
It has got to stop HERE, NOW!

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